Questions to Ask an Insurance Agent

Whether you are purchasing medical, life or car insurance  you will need to speak with an insurance agent to find the policy that best fits  your needs and budget. Amidst the questions your agent will ask you to help  develop a policy there are questions you need to ask the insurance agent to make  sure the agent is the best fit for you. Only after the agent answers your  questions to your satisfaction should you sign up for a policy.

Agent Background

  • The first questions to ask your insurance agent should be about his  background in the industry. Ask where he received his training and how long he  has been working in the field. Next, ask your insurance agent how many companies  he represents. For example, a life insurance agent may represent multiple  companies, meaning you have more options to choose from, while others, known as  captive agents, may work for only one company, meaning that is the only coverage  you will have available to you. Ask your insurance agent how may clients he has,  both businesses and individuals. You may want an agent with several clients,  which can mean he has a great amount of experience, or you may want an agent  with a smaller client base that can give you more  attention.


  • Ask your insurance agent to present you both ends of the policy spectrum for  your insurance options–the cheapest price insurance for the lowest coverage and  the highest price insurance for the maximum coverage. Knowing both ends will  give you a starting point from which to work. Ask your agent to outline the  differences in coverage level and if possible, the itemized features. This  listing can help you find a policy that works for you. For automobile insurance  ask what the minimum required coverage is for your state, and for life insurance  ask about the coverage needed to ensure your funeral is paid for at no cost to  your survivors.

    Future Coverage

    • Do not just settle with knowing about the policy as it pertains to you for  the present time. Ask your insurance agent about how the policy could change in  the future. For example, your auto insurance  may decrease due to a safe driver discount every few years, or you may find that  you have added coverage the longer you stay with a chosen company. Ask your  agent if you have the option to reassess and change your coverage if you find  you need more or less coverage in the future.

      Losing Coverage

      • Ask your insurance agent about any possibility that can result in a loss of  coverage. Inquire as to how late payments will affect coverage and if you can  reinstate coverage if your payments lapse. For health insurance ask under what  conditions the insurance company can drop coverage. For example, your insurance  may drop coverage if you develop a specific condition. Also ask about events  that will cause an increase in your deductible and  rates.





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